As younger generations embrace wine as a gateway to exploration, the very fabric of wine drinking is being rewoven. No longer confined to the realm of a select few, wine is becoming a vessel for bringing the diverse flavors of the world to our dinner tables. It is no longer just about the drink itself, but rather an avenue for shared experiences and camaraderie.

Kunal Patel, Managing Director of Monika Alcobev, sees a clear shift in the consumption of wine among the younger generation. He says, “The way we perceive wine and wine drinkers is undergoing a massive change. Wine, generally, had an aura of elitism in India. There was a perception that it was consumed by certain kinds of people, and there was a certain amount of finesse around the entire process of drinking wine. But as more younger people begin to appreciate wine, traditions are also changing.

Gen Z looks at wine as a way of exploring the world. Wine is a way to bring the flavors of the world to the dinner table. And wine drinking is about experiences. About camaraderie. So the wines we choose for the younger generation keeping these things in mind and bringing global flavors are affordable costs.”

In tune with this shifting dynamic, the wines curated for the younger generation strike a delicate balance, offering a taste of global flavors while remaining accessible in terms of cost.

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Here are some wine etiquettes to follow:

Hold the glass by the stem: One of the basic standards of wine drinking is to hold the glass by the stem, not the bowl. This protects your body heat from impacting the temperature of the wine and keeps ugly fingerprints off the glass. It also gives a sense of refinement to your stance.

Swirl with finesse: Swirling the wine in your glass isn’t just for show; it truly improves the scents and flavors. To swirl like a pro, place the base of the glass firmly on a level surface and move it in a gentle circular motion. Examine how the wine coats the sides of the glass, forming “legs” or “tears,” which might reveal information about the wine’s viscosity and alcohol concentration.

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Toast with purpose: Remember that lifting your glass for a toast is more than just a clink. Make eye contact with each individual you toast, and if you want to go the extra mile, provide a quick, genuine remark. Cheers!

Practice excellent conversation etiquette: Because wine is frequently consumed in social settings, it is essential to engage in polite conversation. Try to investigate numerous topics and show genuine interest in the views of others. Remember that excellent company improves the flavor of a wine.

Serve wine at the proper temperature: Different wines are best appreciated at different temperatures. Whites are often served cold, whereas reds are served slightly chilled. Investing in a wine thermometer will help you achieve the ideal serving temperature, allowing you to enjoy the wine as the producer intended.

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Don’t fill the glass all the way to the brim: Pouring wine is an art, and pouring the glass all the way to the brim is a no- no. A normal pour is one-third to half of the glass’s contents, giving plenty of room for swirling and savoring the flavors of the wine. Furthermore, it avoids spillage and lets the wine breathe.

Don’t overpower the wine with strong scents: Wine has sensitive fragrances that can be overpowered by powerful perfumes or colognes. Wearing strongly perfumed things when drinking wine might interfere with your ability to perceive the intricacies of the wine.
Wine should not be rushed: it is designed to be savored, not chugged down like a soft drink. Take your time, engage your senses, and enjoy the trip from first scent to last drink. Allow the wine to linger on your palate, observing the many flavors and textures that emerge. Take in the moment and let the wine do its thing.

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Don’t swirl too much: While swirling is desirable, there’s no need to convert your wine into a vortex. Gentle and controlled swirls are adequate to reveal the aromas of the wine. Spills or, worse, a soiled tablecloth might result from excessive spinning. The crucial word here is moderation.


Mastering wine etiquette elevates the art of wine drinking by adding a degree of sophistication and delight. These dos and don’ts serve as a guide to help you fully appreciate the world of wine, from holding the bottle with care to appreciating the intricacies of each sip. You may enhance your pleasure of this classic beverage and create unforgettable encounters with friends, family, and fellow wine aficionados by following good wine etiquette. Raise your glass confidently, and let wine etiquette heighten your enjoyment of this ancient nectar. Cheers!