THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Excise gave approval for two blending lines newly built in Thiruvalla’s Travancore Sugars and Chemicals. This means the pop liquor brand Jawan will have its production increased by two-fold in the coming days. From Monday, the blending work will begin. Albeit this, the gover permission is awaited to acquire more spirit for the blending process. According to reports, the permission will soon happen and from then, the jawan will be produced daily not just in 8000 cases but in 15,000 cases.

The two new blending lines added have bigger technical e”ciency compared to the existing four lines. For labeling works on bottles, 56 Kudumbasree have been selected. On a monthly basis, the government has approved acquiring 20 lakh liter spirit for the blending process. Every month, 170000 cas jawan are produced. In the coming days, a newly branded ‘Jawan premium’ will also hit the market.

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