Haryana Excise dept revenue up by 13.8%


Panchkula: In the first opening of e-tenders for Panchkula district after operationalization of the new Haryana Excise Policy on Tuesday, Panchkula district has allotted 22 zones and received a bid amount of Rs 122.64 crore against reserve price of Rs 116.94 crore, an increase of 4.88 per cent.

While sharing the information, the excise department officials informed that the Haryana government announced the Haryana New Excise Policy for the year 2023-24 and following the process of allotment of liquor vends for the policy year are in progress in the entire state. The officials further informed that a total increase in the excise revenue of Panchkula district is 13.88 percent in comparison with last year, as the total reserve price of all the zones this year had been increased by 9 per cent.

This year, there are 39 zones in Panchkula district and each zone having 2 vends, totaling of 78 vends.

The above news was originally posted on news.google.com