The Haryana government on Tuesday approved the new excise policy set to roll into motion from June 12. The policy is expected to increase the price of alcohol by 10-15 per cent in the state. However, the cost of liquor in Haryana will still be cheaper than the rates in Delhi.

Chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar, while approving the policy, announced that the excise revenue of the state has doubled in the last five years. The government aims to cross a benchmark of 10,000 crore with Excise Policy- 2022-23.

Key points to know:

Buyers will have to spend 5 on a ‘cow cess’ imposed on each liquor bottle to generate revenue for environment protection as well as improve the condition of cows.

The state now has a ‘minimum’ retail price and not a maximum retail price, which means shops can sell alcohol at any price above the minimum, and offer competitive rates when compared to the national capital.

Corporate offices spread over a minimum covered area of one lakh-square feet and employing at least 5,000 people can serve drinks with less alcohol content like beer and wine on its office premises if they pay 1 million annually.

It also aims to scrap the use of PET bottles while packaging alcohol from 2024.

In a push to the MSME sector, the licence fees for small (craft) breweries have been eased. The supervisory fee for wineries has also been decreased.

The limit of the maximum number of retail liquor vends has been reduced from 2500 to 2400. Liquor outlets will not be opened in holy areas around Shri Mata Mansa Devi Temple in Panchkula and villages with ‘gurukuls’.

The timings of liquor vends remain unchanged (from 8 am to midnight).

The minimum retail price of country liquor has been increased from 160 to 170 for a quart and metro liquor from 210 to 220 for a quart. The minimum retail price of imported foreign liquor (IMFL) has also been increased to 3,100 from 3,000 for a quart for super premium brands, 875 for a quart for super deluxe brands from 850 and 420 for a quart for regular brands from 400. The price of imported scotch is likely to go up by 200-350 on a one litre bottle, and that of IMFL whisky by 100-150 per litre. A case of 12 beers will now cost 120 more. The minimum retail price for economy brands remained unchanged at 230 for a quart.

The basic quota for domestic liquor, IMFL and imported foreign liquor (IFL) has risen along with a marginal increase in the excise duty on domestic liquor and IMFL.

The excise duty on ready to drink beverages and beer under the mild and super mild categories has been cut while the license fee for the Pub category (L-10E) — for the consumption of beer and wine only — has reduced further.

Stricter action will be taken against pilferage of liquor by wholesale licensees. A ban has been imposed on liquor advertisements on various platforms by the licensee.

All hotels, pubs and bars, restaurants and café serving liquor should display caution boards outside the building while retail stores should be equipped with fire-fighting equipment and CCTV Cameras.

Organisers of events with at least 5,000 people in attendance now have to shell out 50,000 per day compared to the earlier 10,000 to get a temporary license (L-12AC).

Download Haryana Excise Policy 2023-24 PDF from here

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