The Delhi excise department has collected revenue of Rs 6,100 crore through sale of excise duty as well as value added tax in the past six months till February.

The current policy – the old excise regime (2021-22) — was implemented on September 1 last year, after the 2022-23 excise policy was scrapped amid allegations of corruption and investigations by the CBI and ED.

As per data, of the total revenue, Rs 2,515 crore was from September to December. Data shows on an average, Rs 3,858 crore was collected in the last two months. Data shows that month-wise revenue collection saw a slight dip in October and December — revenue was Rs 789.34 crore in September, Rs 534.36 crore in October, Rs 631.22 crore in November and Rs 559.98 crore in December.

“Revenue collection has been good under the old excise regime. We have added more brands of liquor and shops. However, under the previous policy, the government collected revenue through excise as well as annual licence fees, brand registration, etc. About Rs 8,000 crore was collected via licence fees,” said a senior government official.

Further, liquor sales have seen a sharp rise ahead of Holi with 77 lakh liquor bottles being sold in the last four days. As per data, 26 lakh bottles were sold on Monday, 22 lakh on Sunday, 29 lakh on Saturday and Friday. “Sales tonight might also cross 20 lakh as March 8 is a dry day,” said an official. The average sale on a usual day is around 11 lakh to 12.5 lakh bottles.

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