The Chief Minister of the Northeastern state of Manipur mentioned that his state has earned a total of Rs 15.52 Cr as excise duty for the financial year 2021-22. He provided this information while answering in the state assembly.

N Biren Singh, the chief minister of Manipur was answering a question put forward by an MLA of the opposition Congress party on the concluding day of the Manipur Assembly when he mentioned that the excise department of the state had collected taxes amounting to Rs 15.52 Cr in the previous year.

He also mentioned that his government is working towards bringing out a white paper to show the process towards the legalization of liquor in the state. He added that an expert committee will be formed soon after the cabinet passed its decision regarding the legalisation of alcohol in the state. This expert committee has been ordered to submit their report by the end of the month of March, according to N Biren Singh.

MLA K Ranjit had posted a supplementary question regarding the purchase of Indian Made Foreign Liquor by civilians of the state from the canteens meant for the security forces in the state. The chief minister, who also holds the home department portfolio for the state replied that such activities are against the law.

On being asked about the distillation and consumption of local liquor in the state, he replied that the consumption of such products can lead to several health hazards and so the state government is looking into the legalisation and standardisation of liquor manufacturing plants in the state.

The state of Manipur became a dry state after the passing of the Manipur Liquor Prohibition Act, 1991. Production and consumption of local alcohol are however exempted for the tribal communities of the state. The issue regarding the permitting of IMFL in the state attracted severe criticism from a large section of the public, especially women.

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