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The 7 bottles you need for a well-stocked home bar



Whisky is a much-loved accompaniment in winter, whenever friends or colleagues sit together for an evening after a hectic day. Single malt whiskies have their own fan following, and true connoisseurs swear by them. Here’s a list of some of the best single malts that you can stock in your home bar and serve your guests nothing but the best. As they say, true style is definitely a lot of hard work and smart work, but a well-stocked bar need not be a cause of worry for you as we help you with some of the best brands.

GianChand Single Malt Whisky

This whisky is named after one of the pioneers of the Indian AlcoBev industry, Dewan Gian Chand, who established the brand DeVANS in Jammu way back in the 1940s. GianChand Single Malt Whisky is the latest from the house of DeVANS, and has already managed to impress not just whisky lovers and connoisseurs, but great whisky critics like Jim Murray too. In the Bible of Whisky, he has hailed GianChand as the ‘finest single malt he has tasted from India in recent times, with most refined taste.’ The whisky has a pineapple drop candy sweetness, with vanilla backbone and a hint of barley. The thin oils add delicate notes to the taste. Priced at Rs 4490 in Delhi, this one will surely impress your guests.

Rampur whisky

This single malt whisky, which is frequently referred to as the Kohinoor or the priceless gem among single malts, is made in the Himalayan foothills. It is non-chill filtered and handcrafted. It has been aged for years. Rampur Select provides a variety of flavour profiles that appeal to all the senses. There are noticeable fruity and spicy aromas as well as hints of vanilla and caramel. As you continue to sip it, you’ll notice the scent and flavour that are only conceivable as a result of the reflection of the protracted Indian summer, which gives Indian whisky its unique flavour. And when you’re done, a pleasant, warm feeling will come over you, making you feel gratified. The cost for a double cask is Rs 7,600.

Singleton of Glendullan

Diageo sells this whisky, which is matured for 12, 15, and even 18 years. The American oak casks used to age the single malt Scotch whisky are combined with a tiny amount of European oak casks to give it the balance necessary to bring out the flavour. It has scents of fresh fruit, a sweet, honeyed tongue, and a creamy, lasting aftertaste. The senses are overwhelmed by the flavours right from the first sip, allowing you to fully appreciate the distinctive flavour. It costs about Rs 5,000.

The Macallan Fine Oak

Macallan is recognised for high-end, and expensive liquor varieties. But their reasonably priced single malt whisky, Macallan Fine Oak, retails for Rs 5,000. It is aged in three different types of oak casks and delivers a diversity of interpretations and finishes, promising to be a high-grade beverage. The fragrance of sugar, almond, and nectarine, as well as the creamy yet raisin-flavored finish, give the whisky its sweet flavour. For individuals who are very finicky about the flavour and finish of their whisky, the spicy oak vanilla undertones work well.

Kanya by Paul John

Paul John is a well-known international brand that is also popular in India. Whisky experts have gone wild over their Edited Single Malt whisky. However, Kanya is a newcomer with a distinctive, well-balanced taste. It is combined with subtle oak-derived butterscotch flavours and matured for seven years in first-fill bourbon barrels. Consume the decadent, creamy flavours carefully, sip by sip. The cost is Rs. 4,500.

Amrut Fusion

With a 50% ABV, this whisky has established a reputation as the strongest, providing a unique drinking experience. It is both Indian and international because it is made from a blend of barley that has been brewed over time, with some of the barley coming from Scotland, the home of whisky. The mix it formed when it was added to the drums gave it the scrumptious flavours of fresh fruit, spice, honey, and a hint of smoke. The cost is Rs 3340.

Kamet Single Malt

Kamet’s distillery is near the historical town of Kurukshetra, lending the brand a feeling of old-world charm. This new-age whisky has a fruity aroma, with a subtle whisper of a smokey, leathery scent. Not just this, it also has notes of spiced wood, and cinnamon sticks, along with sherried influences. Though it has a sweet chocolatey aftertaste, it finishes with a charred, earthy note. It costs Rs 3800 and is perfect for those who want to try something different yet familiar.

Indri Trini

This single malt is distilled at the foothills of the Himalayas and matured in triple casks. It is the perfect accompaniment for cold winter nights. The whisky has traces of black tea and caramelised pineapple with alluring aromas. It also has a whiff of vanilla, raisin, oak, and honey along with a gentle spice and wood taste. Overall, the whisky has a nutty character but is smooth and warm with the perfect amalgamation of different notes. The top note is a berry and it transitions into a fruity finish, the taste that lingers on. It is priced at Rs 3800.

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