JAIPUR: The city reported a record sale of liquor on New Year’s eve. According to the statistics of the Rajasthan Excise department, the sale of liquor broke all records in the state with people spending Rs 110 crore over the past two days. The department had issued 150 temporary licenses authorizing the sale of liquor in Jaipur.

Beer worth Rs 19.95 crore and Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) worth Rs 87.82 crore were sold on December 30 and December 31. Compared to last year, the sale was very high. in  2021, liquor worth Rs 75 crore was sold in Rajasthan during the same period. The same was Rs 104 crore in 2019.

“There has been no Covid-19 restriction this year which boosted the liquor sale. People thronged bars, resorts and hotels to celebrate,” said an excise department official.

He added that the people in Jaipur consumed the highest amount of liquor. Anticipating this, the department issued 150 temporary licenses for Jaipur district. These include licenses issued to hotels and resorts which didn’t have a permanent license.

The most popular tourist destinations in Jaipur also reported a huge footfall of visitors. They included foreign visitors also. In Jaipur, Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal and Nahargarh Fort were among the most visited tourist destinations on New Year eve.

The arrival of tourists also increased the sale of liquor at hotels, resorts and bars.

Thousands of tourists also visited the wildlife destinations in the city and enjoyed elephant rides, lion safari and leopard safari.

“It was a great new year for the tourism industry in Jaipur. The hotels were full to their capacity. People had booked the rooms in advance, so most hotels reported 90%-100% occupancy,” said Rahul Tanwar, a tourist guide.

The above news was originally posted on news.google.com