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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Assam: Use Of Alcohol Is On Rise In Guwahati, Says Statistics By Excise Department



Guwahati’s use of alcohol is on the rise, according to statistics obtained
from the excise department, which shows that the city consumed 14282618.6455
litres of alcohol up until November 30, 2022. The volume of a London Proof Litre
(LPL) bottle is 750 millilitres, and there are 12 bottles in a case. One case is equal to
nine bulk litres, or nine litres. the total volume of beer and liquor drunk between
January and November 2021 that was produced in India.

According to the sources, more than 7650314.3775 litres of IMFL and more than
6632304.268 litres of beer, or over 1.42 crore litres altogether, were consumed in
Guwahati in the first eleven months of 2022. About 126 lakh litres were drunk by Guwahati inhabitants in the first eleven months of 2021.

There is a rise in alcohol consumption in Guwahati, according to a source in the
excise department who spoke to the media. He disclosed that there has been a 15%
increase in overall beer and Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL) consumption. Since
2015, this year has had the city’s highest alcohol consumption rate.

In terms of Assam, an excise department source revealed that up until November 2022, the state consumed 54517323-36 litres of IMFL, 55263402.304 litres of beer, and 7836260.682 litres of country spirit, or 5877195.5115 litres of country liquor.

These figures represent consumption of IMFL at 72689764-480 LPL. Including IMFL,
beer, and locally produced liquor, Assam used 115657921.1755 litres of alcohol in
total (11.57 crore litres).

During the Assam Legislative Assembly’s Winter Session in 2022, MLA Nurul Huda
questioned the Assam Excise Department, requesting data on the number of liquor
stores that were granted licences in Assam between June 1, 2016, and November 30,
2022, as well as a district-by-district list of the stores’ names.

When the information was made available, it turned out that Assam had 106 permits for the sale of alcoholic in total, Assam has 1,146 licences for the sale of alcoholic beverages and spirits.

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