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Raise A Toast To 2023 By Pouring These Alcohol Brands In Your Glasses *clink*



We have ticked off ringing the Christmas bells on our winter festival bucket list and we are all excited for the new year. For adding fun elements and deliciousness to the menu of your party, you would need some delish booze options. And here are some newest launches in the market that will make the party truly lit! Check out these alcohol brands and raise a toast to the good times!

These Alcohol Brands Are Perfect For Celebrate The New Year

1. SOCI Gin

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If sipping on the most delectable gin and tonics is on your mind, look nowhere else and purchase the stunning SOCI gin already. The refreshing gin-infused cocktails sound delicious and also comes in a wide range such as Blood Orange Mint Gin Fizz, Blueberry Gin Mojito, Gin Daiquiri, Gin-a-colada, Pink Negronis, and a lot more. The most tempting fact about this alcohol brand is the botanical-infused gin and how these are cold pressed to attain the flavours to the fullest.

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2. GianChand Single Malt Premium Whisky By DeVANS


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DeVANS brings you their first premium single malt whisky GianChand and this alcohol is everything you need to taste to welcome the new way in the grandest way possible. GianChand is delicate to sip on and is more refined in comparison to other single malts. Spices and soft barley used in manufacturing the drink blend nicely for such a delish taste.

3. Sober Rum

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You don’t always need booze to celebrate a grand occasion like welcoming the New Year. And for the ones who do not drink, we have a yummy recommendation. Say hello to Sober Rum, India’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit. Add tropical jazz to your winter new year party with Sober Rum’s unique drinks. This is the perfect substitute for other alcoholic drinks.

4. Blisswater

Founded by Varna Bhat, Blisswater brings you two perfect drinks to celebrate the New Year with their innovative and unique blends in Alcobev. Their flagship product Rahasya Vodka and Yaksha are a must-try this festive season. Manufactured using the finest Indian flavours, Rahasya Vodka holds the spirit of India in every drop. And Yaksha is a premium whisky bottle with the goodness of the Soma plant and premium Scotch from the highlands of Scotland infused.

5. The Broken Bat Gin By Greater Than


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In the mood for some delish gin to welcome the New Year? You need to check out Broken Bat Gin by Greater Than. The packaging looks amazing with elegant bottle packaging. This is a limited edition alcohol drink and will soon be available in Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Telangana & West Bengal.

Price: ₹1450 in Goa (In-store)

6. Consilium Black Whisky


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Packed in aesthetically designed bottles, Consilium Black Whisky is India’s first artistically crafted rye and peated malt whiskies. They introduced two launches; Consilium Black Blended Rye Malt Whisky and Consilium Black Blended Cigar Malt Whisky. Crafted with the best-tasting notes, this alcohol brand has unique aromas and taste profiles.

Price: ₹1800 for The Rye Malt in Mumbai
₹1975 for The Cigar Malt in Mumbai

7. Rock Paper Rum

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Welcome the New Year with your family and friends while enjoying the most delish rum found in the market. Say hello to Rock Paper Rum, this triple-distilled rum is loaded with flavours that add the most perfect element to your party. This alcohol brand introduced two ranges; The Coastal White Rum and The Indian Spiced Rum.

Price: ₹1350 for The Coastal White Rum (750ml)
₹1500 for The Indian Spiced Rum (750ml)

Which of these alcohol brands are you checking out this festive season?

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