While Christmas saw a full house at most of the pubs, restaurants and bars, the state excise department has disbursed 1.65 lakh one-day permits which revellers will have to buy if they wish to consume or carry liquor.

This year, the excise department is keen on ensuring that every wine and beer store will stock up on the permits and allow the consumer to buy liquor or spirits along with the permit.

“To ensure the revellers drink wisely and legally, we have issued 1.65 lakh one-day permits to excise inspectors as well as the local wine shops. A person can also directly approach an excise inspector for this permit which cost 5,” superintending state excise officer Charansingh Rajput said.

He further added, “This year we are keeping a close watch on the last day of the year, with the relaxation of parties continuing until 5 am, we are hoping that people will buy the permits if they wish to consume alcohol.”

Rajput also emphasised the importance of increasing the excise flying squad from 14 to 22 officials this year to keep a close eye on illegal liquor consumption and trafficking.

So far for the year-end celebrations, the excise department has received 24 one-day party licenses.

“We have received 24 applications for the one-day party license and are expecting more than 100 applications to hold parties in societies, banquet halls and farmhouses.”

The above news was originally posted on news.google.com

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