New Grain-Based Distilleries to Benefit UP in Many Ways, Increase Ethanol Production, Help Farmers


The latest in a series of initiatives taken by Additional Chief Secretary of Excise, Sugar Industry and Sugarcane Development, Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy, IAS, to benefit the sugar industry as also the sugarcane farmers is the launch of a grain-based distillery in Sitapur district.

The inauguration of the Dalmia Bharat Grain Base Distillery is hoped to contribute positively to the important ‘Ethanol Blending Programme (EBP)’ of the Government of India – a programme aimed at blending ethanol with motor spirit in order to reduce pollution, conserve foreign exchange, increase value addition in the sugar industry, and pave the way for the clearance of farmers’ cane price arrears.

In an interaction with Indian Masterminds, Mr. Bhoosreddy shared details about the new distillery and, also, his department’s attempts to prevent the sale of illegal liquor in the state.


The Dalmia Bharat Grain Distillery is an entirely grain-based distillery with a 110-kilo litre per day capacity that will provide numerous benefits for the farmers of the state. Under the new project, 30 such new distilleries have been started by the senior IAS officer, bringing them to a total of 98 grain-based distilleries.

“With the 30 new distilleries in the state of Uttar Pradesh, a total of 98 distilleries have started operating, due to which the ethanol production capacity in the state has increased from 54 crore bulk litre to 200 crore bulk litre annually,” shared the officer.

Another long-term benefit gained from the installation of these new distilleries is that they will significantly reduce the dependence of the state on fossil fuels and green fuels, resulting in qualitative savings in foreign exchange.

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With its modern technology, the new distilleries will prove to be extremely beneficial for the farmers of the state as it will motivate them to produce an advanced variety of sugarcane. Complete information related to the modernization and working techniques of the distillery was provided to the regional sugarcane farmers to expand their knowledge and improve their harvest.

Moreover, modernized agricultural types of machinery were also distributed among these farmers. This was done in an attempt to encourage the farmers to produce increased good-quality sugarcane.

Dalmia Bharat Grain Base Distillery


With respect to this, Mr. Bhoosreddy conducted an in-depth, department-wide review meeting, wherein he instructed the officers present to achieve 100% revenue against the target. Furthermore, he also expressed his dissatisfaction with the expected increase in foreign liquor consumption. The officers were given instructions to get ready to conduct intensive inspections of excise shops, in the coming days.

Aside from that, in order to ensure the availability of country liquor in shops, instructions were given to put indents in various distilleries, removing the reliance on the district’s brand monopoly of country liquor.

Mr. Bhoosreddy directed the regional Excise Inspectors to ensure regular effective enforcement action and regular road checking on highways and link roads to prevent illegal liquor from being smuggled from other states. He has also directed that strict measures be taken against those involved in illegal liquor trade and smuggling.

“In case we recover any illegal liquor in large quantities from other states, immediate FIR will be registered under strict sections against the related manufacturers, distilleries, liquor mafias and their managers,” said Mr. Bhoosreddy.

Furthermore, all Excise Inspectors were instructed to immediately contact the concerned Deputy District Magistrate and the police to launch a special campaign against illegal liquor traders in the district.

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