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Sona Machinery showcases as the market leader in Rice and Grain Milling Plant Solutions at the Aabkari Times Alco Tech Expo 2022, Lucknow


Sona Machinery, the leading manufacturers of Agri-machinery equipments, showcased its cutting-edge technology products for turnkey Rice and Grain Milling & Processing plants at the Alco Tech Expo 2022. The event which was organized on 18th November at Hotel The Regnant, Nirala Nagar, Lucknow, witnessed over 250 visitors discussing on the important issues around the fastest-growing Indian alcoholic beverage marketplace and the impact of E20 policy on the set up of new distilleries.

India has one of the fastest-growing alcoholic beverage marketplaces in the world, with a market value estimated at USD 52.5 billion. Another rapidly growing sector is the space for ethanol production wherein the products produced by Sona Machinery contribute significantly to the ethanol extraction, thereby contributing and aligning with the government’s planning for E20 policy for Ethanol Production.

While discussing on the Emerging Opportunities of Alcobev Manufacturing in Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Vasu Naren, Managing Director & CEO, Sona Machinery, said, “The upcoming times would be the golden years for the industry as the Government is planning E20 for Ethanol Production. Under E20 Policy, the government will increase the blending of ethanol in Petroleum from 10% to 20% by 2025, thus increasing the demand in new Distilleries set up. The event was a great opportunity to understand the upcoming trends in the alcohol and beverage industry in India, thereby helping us to prepare for the ever-evolving market. It offered the opportunity to meet industry experts and deliberate upon the challenges and scope of investment in the sector.”

The event comprised of a series of technical and non-technical sessions around alcohol and beverage sector, and grain-based distilleries and milling industry along with its future scope. It was a collaborative experience for all participants who witnessed the presentations and discussions around the changing industry aspects.

Sona Machinery specializes in complete rice mill turnkey setup with a tonnage between 3TPH and 10TPH. It also manufactures rotary drum cleaners, acentric pre-cleaners, fine cleaners, vibro screen cleaners, stone separators, material handling equipment (such as bucket elevators and chain & belt conveyors), dust collection equipment (such as centrifugal blowers and cyclone separators), and flour silos.

It also specializes in manufacturing grain milling machines for grain-based ethanol distilleries with a capacity between 30 kiloliters per day to large plant set-ups, grain pre-cleaners and material handling equipment with tonnage between 3TPH and 125TPH. With the vast range of products offered, Sona Machinery shared its technological prowess with the industry experts at the Alco Tech Expo 2022, it helped the brand to propagate its farsighted vision and services offered.

About Sona Machinery

Sona Machinery, established in 1995 (erstwhile Sona Foods India) has been at the helm of the industry since the advent of mechanization in Agriculture supporting it with its smart technology solutions with a mission is to develop & deliver world-class cutting edge technology products to our customers.

Today, under the leadership of 2nd generation Serial Entrepreneur & VC – Mr Vasu Naren as its Managing Director & CEO, Sona Machinery is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company with 27+ years of experience under its belt and having a sprawling 10000 sq. mts. facility with over 400+ skilled professionals delivering customized solutions to its more than 10000+ satisfied customers across continents. Our product list includes (but is not limited to) a complete range of cutting-edge technology equipments for Turnkey Rice Mill Set-ups as well as for cleaning, processing Pulses, Wheat, Sesame, Millet, Gram, Lentils, Maize, Corn, Barley as well as Seeds & Post-Harvest Agricultural Equipments in all desired capacities. We also cater to our customers who are engaged in Grain Milling (Grain Based Distilleries & their EPC), by providing them turn-key plant set-up solutions through our subsidiary Can Engineering Solutions. Our list of customers includes Large Enterprises, Central & State Government PSU’s, Retail Customers and Farmers who are spread across India as well as Globally.

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