Alcostar Distilleries Pvt. Ltd. has been engaged in manufacturing of various Indian Made Foreign Liquors (IMFL). Alcostar Group believes in making finest spirits, as India has always been very particular about the taste palette and specifically about what do they have in their glasses.
Sherry Platinum was initially launched in Punjab, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh in July 2020, after getting a thumping response in these states, now stretching our limit with launching in Uttarakhand.
Sherry Platinum has been made smooth, passionately along with the rich blend, is carefully crafted. Sherry is a perfect assortment of Indian grain spirits and imported scotch malt. The taste of Sherry Platinum is warm and pleasant which leaves a very smooth feeling. 
Since its launch, Sherry Platinum has become famous with a large following of delighted customers in premium segment brands. 
Currently, our brand is getting an amazing response in the market and we are overwhelmed by the positive feedback from the customers as Sherry Platinum is affordable for Indian whisky lovers and well acclaimed for its smoothness.
Being responsible for producing the best vodka is not a one time endeavour. KIEV triple distilled pure grain vodka was initially launched in Chandigarh, then Himachal Pradesh.
 After getting a thumping response in these markets now we are proudly launching this premium vodka in Uttarakhand.
While talking about the development process and inherent qualities of Sherry Platinum Premium Blended Whisky,
I must say, “while traveling across India and abroad I came across various tastes, flavours and food cultures that helped me understand the plethora of flavour profiles and helped me finalise a unique blend with Indian and Scottish craftsmanship.
It gives me extreme pleasure to share that Sherry Platinum Premium Blended Whisky has come out as a very unique, alluring and delicate product that 1s winning the hearts of our consumers.”
‘KIEV’ is inspired by the old traditions and unmatched class of Kiev city of Ukraine. KIEV is perfectly balanced and sophisticated premium vodka; ultimate for all cocktails. KIEV has the tripled distilled alcohol which lends its rich and smooth unparallel taste.
The sophistication celebrated through the brand’s unique design aesthetic leaves a lasting impression. KIEV’s smooth and flawless palate with lively, refreshing accomplishments makes the product a prestige class.
KIEV is one-of-a-kind, exquisitely balanced Vodka. Its vibrant and refreshing achievements result in excellent notes such as silky smoothness, neutrality, no scent and only water leaves its audience spellbound.
Everyone, including both the traders and consumers, has praised the premium bottle and packaging design. The stunning looks of packaging exude authenticity and stand out from the clutter. KIEV is one of the smoothest vodkas you’ll ever try because of its exceptional quality at a reasonable price.
Great liking of the brands by consumers and very positive market demand has assured that Sherry Platinum & KIEV Pure Grain Vodka are continuously moving towards becoming the market leaders in a very short span of time.