Hon’ble Minister of State for Excise & Prohibition Shri Nitin Agrawal informed that along with revenue generation, industrial development has an important role in the activities of the department. Continuous effort is being made iorder to make the departmental activities easy and efficient by adopting the philosophy of “Ease of Doing Business” in setting up of new industries and simplifying the already complicated systems and rules in the Excise Department. 

Achievements made by the Excise Department against the set target of 100 days-

  • Established new distilleries to generate investment and create employment in the state.
  • Establishment of Microbreweries and Restobars.
  • Revenue achievement for increasing the resources of the state.
Sri. Nitin Agarwal, Minister Excise and Prohibition, Sri. Sanjay R Bhoosreddy, ACS, Excise and Cane and Sri. Senthil Pandian, UP Excise Commissioner

The Minister of State for Excise also informed that a 100-day action plan was prepared by the Excise Department, under which the target of setting up 03 new distilleries was set. In compliance of this 03 units- M/s Radico Khaitan Ltd. Sitapur, M/s Karimganj Biofuel, Moradabad and M/s Crystal Balaji Muzaffarnagar were given permission to setup distilleries. The setting up of these distilleries will lead to an investment of ₹793.37 crore and create about 3,600 new employment opportunities. In this, after the commencement of production, revenue of about ₹6,070 crore will be received by the State Government and ₹25 crore will be received annually by the Central Government, of which 50 percent will be made available to the State Government.

Uttar Pradesh has become a major place for ethanol production. Under Ethanol Blending Program at present the state is supplying ethanol to oil depots in the State as well as to other states of the country. Last year 115 crore bulk litre Ethanol was produced. The annual target of ethanol production this year is 140 crore bulk litre. In 100 days, 45 crore bulk litre of ethanol was to be produced against which 45.17 crore bulk litre ethanol was produced. Thus the target of 100.4% has been met by ethanol production. More production of ethanol will make green fuel available for public use and the success of the ethanol blending program will ensure foreign exchange savings. Due to this a contribution of around ₹2,221.45 crore will be made in the State GDP.

Under the 100-day action plan, a revenue target of ₹10,200 crore was set to achieve, under which receipt of ₹10,837.41 crore has been ensured in the financial year 2022-23. For the first quarter of the financial year 2022-23 (April-22 to June-22) ₹9713.48 crore has been received, which is ₹1344.90 crore (i.e. +16.07% more than last year) more than ₹8368.58 crore received in the first quarter of the previous year 2021-22 .

May be an image of 7 people, people standing and indoorRealizing the concept of Ease of Doing Business by the department under the 100-day action plan, 07 amendments to the rules relating to the settlement of premium retail vends and model shops including country liquor, foreign liquor, beer and bhang shops. 02 Amendments in the Manual related with the settlement of wholesale licneses of county liquor and foreign liquor ie a total of 09 Amendments in the Manual, have been promulgated.

In addition to the above, necessary amendments have also been made in Vintinery Establishment Rules to encourage wine production from fruits for the development of fruit growers in the state and it was approved by the Cabinet. For the first time in the state, the rules for the processing and bottling of alcohol of analytical category and high performance liquid chromatography category have also been promulgated.

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