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3 Wineries to be setup soon after UP Govt. Ease out Norms

Three entrepreneurs, one each from Muzaffarnagar, Bareli and Lucknow, have shown interest in setting up wineries in Uttar Pradesh.

The excise department is scrutinizing the proposals and is likely to issue clearance to these entrepreneurs within a fortnight.

To increase the income of the farmers and promote agritourissm, the Uttar Pradesh government has introduced V-1 licence in the present fiscal. The V-1 license will allow
vintners to start producing wine in the state.

Additional chief secretary, excise department, Sanjay Bhoosreddy said, “Our officials are working on this front. We have already received a few initial proposals and are in touch with the entrepreneurs to guide them.”

While framing the policy, in its note to the government, the excise department had pointed out the high amount of wastage of fruits. “Almost 40% of the produce gets wasted in UP as the supply chain is not that strong now,” said an officer.

With the department deciding not to levy any duty on sale of locally produced wine for five years, large orchard owners and organic farm players which are already into ecotourism, are coming forward to open a winery.

Anil Kumar Sawhney, who runs Godson organic farm in Bareli, and Madhvendra Deo Singh, who runs Madhav Udyan in Mal area of Lucknow, have drawn up an elaborate plan to promote wine tourism and said that their units are expected to get operational within a year.

“We are going to open up a boutique winery and will come up with a concept of wine village tourism in Bareli. We are also going to obtain the certificates required from regulatory authorities to ensure that our wines are produced organically,” said Sawhney.

Singh, on the other hand, said that he is going to produce wine from the best quality mangoes of Mal and Malihabad. “It will be called golden wine. We are also planning to open up a homestay or a resort at the property. We have an 80-acre mango orchard off IIM Lucknow road and work there has started,” said Singh.

Excise commissioner Senthil C Pandian said, “We had recently organised a kick-off start session for interested players at Lucknow. We have identified some consultants who can set up vinery through processing of mango, guava, lychee and other pulpy fruits grown in UP.”

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