Rum is a drink for all reasons and seasons. And now, your tipple is doing its bit to give back to the environment. Bush Rum is India’s first introduction to an international rum which is made using green energy, bottled in a 100% recycled glass bottle and recyclable packaging because it’s what’s on the inside (and outside) that counts. Bush Rum takes the flavours of the Caribbean Rum Shacks and brings them to life. It is a vibrant and lively award-winning Spiced Rum with Flavour. The “Bush” refers to the foraged flavours which are added to the rum-making it vibrant and tropical.

Symposium Spirits-owned ‘Bush Rum’ is better known as The Bush Rum Co.The UK-owned firm has partnered with Monika Alcobev Limited to bring this sustainable drink to India. Their main motive is to protect the environment. The bottles promise 100% recycled glass (a rum industry-first). Their labels are made from 95% recycled sugar cane which is used in rum production, and 5% hemp and linen. Their cork is made from, you guessed it, recycled cork. Bush Rum is also made in a distillery which uses 35% green energy.

Blended using traditional Guyanese rum with tropical fruits and spices to create a range of award-winning spiced rums bursting with Caribbean flavours that are bright, lively and subtly sweet which is perfect for sipping straight up, mixing with cola, lemonade and ginger beer or delicious in a cocktail. Enjoy the four variants of Bush rums which are the original Spiced Rum, Mango Rum, Tropical Citrus Rum and Passionfruit & Guava.

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