High-alcohol-content beer brands: After water and tea, the third most overall popular drink is beer. Beer is an alcoholic beverage that consists of water and malted barley fermented with yeast and flavoured with hops for a slightly bitter taste and aftertaste as well. Beers are globally one of the most consumed alcoholic drinks.

The amount of alcohol in any alcoholic drink is defined by alcohol by volume, which means the number of millilitres of ethanol per 100 millilitres in a solution. Talking about the saturation of beers, the alcohol content in beers is generally low, but they do consist of alcohol, any beer with five per cent of Alcohol by Volume (ABV), may seem less but pretty strong beers should be within the brackets of four to five per cent alcohol content, more than that is considered as high ABV, here are all the brand all the top 10 alcohol content beers in India:

Old Monk: The alcohol content in this beer ranges from 5% to 42.5%, depending upon the product provided by the brand.

Launched in 1954, Old Monk Rum is the iconic Indian beer. Those who started their drinking age during the ’90s could share numerous stories revolving around Old Monk. Depending on no advertising, popularly driven on word of mouth, Old Monk has been Indian Made Foreign Liquor for years.

Godfather: Particularly popular in northern India, with a smooth, full-bodied flavour, the Godfather beer is one of the most selling beers in the country. With 8% alcohol content, this beer has managed to gather consumers from the areas of Delhi-NCR, Punjab, and Rajasthan.

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Haywards 5000: With 7% of alcohol content, Haywards 5000 is considered one of the strongest beers in India. Talking about the taste, the brand has an aftertaste of malted barley and is a little bitter.

Kingfisher Red: Popular with the tagline; The All-Season Beer, Kingfisher Red is really a very popular brand in India. With an alcohol content of 8%, Kingfisher Red is one of the casual beers available everywhere. The Kingfisher provides other beers with different alcohol content.

Thunderbolt: Owned by Morson Cools, Thunderbolt is one of the most sold beers in India. With an average of 5-8% of alcohol content, Thunderbolt has an image of a strong beer in the country, but it is not referred to as a mature level alcohol consumer due to its basic nature.

Meakin’s 10000: Meakin’s 10000 is owned by Mohan Meakin Ltd (MML), Meakin’s 10000 somewhat has the same reputation as Old Munk. With an average alcohol content of 5-8%, Meakin’s 10000 holds a good market position in northern India.

Hunter: A Bangladeshi beer owned by the Jamuna Group, Hunter is considered a beer of the new generation of strong beer lovers. This beer is strong yet really smooth. Hunter consists of 5.5 -7% alcohol.

Tuborg Strong: With an extra hopping flavour profile, Tuborg Strong is the most sold and loved beer in India. Tuborg Strong has less than 8% alcohol content.

Carlsberg Elephant: Carlsberg elephant extra-strong is a strong beer, with an alcohol content of 7.2%, Carlsberg provides a fruity smell followed by strong caramel and malt notes.

Bira Strong: With 7.1% alcohol by volume, Bira is the new brand in the market gathering rapid popularity due to its unique taste.

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Budweiser Magnum: Often referred to as King of Beers, Budweiser Magnum is a super-premium brew with 6.5% alcohol content in it.

In India, at present, the beer market industry stands at a value of INR 371 billion, as per the data by EMR for the year 2020. The industry is expected to grow approximately INR 662 billion by 2022-2027.

Despite being such a popular market, the Indian beer industry faces several problems in order to expand its businesses. There’s a ban on the public advertisement of these brands, there are heavy import duties and regulations on beer in India which constitute almost 50% of the consumer price.

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