Indore: Excise department have sealed three bars in city suspending license for one week after bar owners were found serving alcohol to youngsters aged less than 21 years. The suspension of license was carried out on directions of district collector Manish Singh, an official release said.
The teams of the excise department had inspected FL 2 Piano in Vijay Nagar, Nuskha Madhushala Restaurant in Scheme 54, and Tandoor Bar in Bhawarkuan after finding them in violation of rules.
The bars were found serving alcohol to youngsters aged less than 21 years, missing workers’ records (Naukarnama), inspection book, and stock records in violation of rules. These bars had also stocked alcohol against permit violating rules 1 and 5 of license rules.
The teams issued notice to them asking for their response. The managers of bars however failed to satisfactorily reply to the notices. So, the teams have sealed the bar’s suspending license for one week till May 24.
Similarly, in another action of the excise department, a team under assistant excise commissioner Rajnarayan Soni had recovered alcohols brought for sale from Dhar district in a shop in Chandan Nagar in an early morning raid.
The team acting on an input raided a liquor outlet in Chandan nagar area after a vehicle carrying alcohol from Dhar went inside it around 4 am to unstick it for sale in Indore against the rules.
The team then raided the shop to find liquor meant for Dhar in the shop. The team gave them a charge sheet with a notice to reply on it.

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