BENGALURU: The new billing software for online purchase of alcohol by all retail licensees at the Karnataka State Breweries Corporation Limited (KSBCL) has reportedly created a logjam amid a temporary shortage of stocks of alcohol, sources on condition of anonymity told TNIE. The Excise licencees (retailers) are planning to go on strike against the new indenting software.

“The new software was implemented from April 1 without any pilot. Hence, when implemented multiple issues such as accounting, payments, indenting etc have emerged, which have impacted all stake holders; from retail licensees to distilleries,” said sources. “The time for indent to be raised is 9 pm to 9 am. Retail licensees are spending sleepless nights to raise indents in middle of the night. Besides, big volume brands like Haywards/ Original Choice/Kingfisher strong beer have multiple supply source codes as they are supplied from multiple units. Since the new software does not recognise this the retailers are getting short supplied.

The algorithms for allocation should have captured the challenge and allocation of stocks made to retailers,” said sources. Senior Excise officers denied any glitches in the new online indenting system and said there is “no crisis.” The KSBCL in a circular dated March 28 had announced an upgrade of the entire software system and introduction of web indenting to all licensees.

The Corporation took the decision following consultations with association and retailers on March 5. “There is no restriction in quantity for the retailers to indent any liquor brand available. As web indenting facility is being extended to all the licensees there will be a system in place for rationing of liquor among indenting retailers intending to get a fair share in a situation of short supply/scarcity of any brand of liquor,” the KSBCL had stated in the circular.

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