Recently, after a number of hooch tragedies and deaths in states. Aabkari Times through its new Care initiative, has introduced a campaign for a Responsible & Safe Drinking Campaign on its 12th anniversary.

It has been taught; seeing the states like Bihar that the number of hooch tragedies cannot be stopped with clear cut prohibition; but with an awareness only; this can be prevented.

Our publication has completed its 12 years of foundation and to honor the same, we took this initiative to reach out to masses and local public emphasizing buying liquor only from authorised retail vends and promote our main campaign Responsible Drinking at the hot spot of the cities.

The campaign was held at Civil Lines Prayagraj with the help of our volunteers.

The campaign has been focusing basically on three main themes-

  1. Don’t Drink and Drive
  2. Prohibit underage drinking
  3. Buy liquor only from authorised shop

We have taken a call to stop people from drinking more and encourage moderate drinking. 

The campaign is launched in Prayagraj for a while and will be taking off to all cities in Uttar Pradesh very soon.

PS Mishra, Managing Editor says “It is a need of hour to discourage sale of liquor from unauthorised shops and spread message in consumers to drink safely and respectfully”

Rajesh Kumar Chaubey, Editor says “We have been promoting Responsible Drinking for long now, and now we are taking this under new banner to outreach more and more people, with our campaign”

Under this campaign, our volunteers also explained “What action to take, if you feel dizzy after consuming spurious liquor?” and “Whom to contact, when you find liquor made illegally?”

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The campaign was much praised and applauded by the local administration at a time when festivities are round the corner.

Watch the video for in detail-