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Kolkata: The new liquor distribution model, involving private distributors, will be rolled out from February 1. The new distributors will coordinate between both liquor companies and Bevco, the state beverage corporation, and also carry out the last-line distribution to retailers.
Excise sources pointed out the role of Bevco would now be of a facilitator, while the logistics would be taken care of by the distributors.
Sources indicated there could be some disruption in supply chain due to the switchover. “Retailers should immediately stock up on enough consignments as there may be a supply chain disruption during the first two weeks of February. Procurement should be ensured immediately so that the stocks at the Bevco depots are cleared and future stocks can be kept there within 29th January,” an excise official told retailers.
In 2017, Bevco was formed to take over the wholesale business of liquor and private distributors were discontinued. In the new model, Bevco will not operate warehouses after March 31. “Bevco will act as a portal for booking consignments for retailers, while distributors will take care of the entire logistics.
This will be one of the most advanced liquor distribution models in the country,” a source said. In this new structure, distributors will have a commission of 1.5%, while Bevco will have the same margin for booking.
Nine distributors have so far been appointed, some of whom were distributors before Bevco was established. “New distributors will set up their own warehouses or can take over Bevco’s warehouses after March 31. Retailers will place orders on the Bevco portal. Every other thing will be performed by distributors,” added the source. According to the excise circular, breweries and distilleries will not produce any liquor on January 30 and 31 for the switchover.

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