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Blisswater Industries Private Ltd which is into Alcobev segment has chalked out plans for expanding its market in India and abroad, its CEO said. “In December 2021, we completed one year of operation. By end of 2022 we want to be in about 10 countries outside of India. We also want to be within India at least in about 10 to 12 excise territories,” Varna Bhat CEO & Founder, Blisswater Industries Private Ltd


Its maiden product, a Vodka named Rahasya, is currently available in Maharashtra, Goa and Daman. The company is soon planning to introduce this Indian made premium Vodka in the South and East India. “We get priced in between Smirnoff and Absolute in India. But we are a premium product because the kind of quality that goes into making it. And smoothness is an important aspect,” Ms. Bhat said. “Because of the kind of profile that we have from India and the fusion perspective, we do not have a competitor in the market because it entirely different,” she said. Cumulatively the company has sold about 2000 cases, she added.

“Our customers are essentially people who are under legal age to drink up to the age of 40-45. That’s our sweet spot because that is the crowd who’s looking to try more things, find what works for them, experimenting with new things. So that is the crowd we are focusing on,” she said. “In terms of volume we are looking to sell in the next few months at least 2000 cases a month between all the geographies we are available,” Ms. Bhat said.

Tripping on alco-bev

Now it is planning to roll out its next product which will also be a Vodka. “For now we are going to be Vodka specific,” she said. Vodka market is the second largest in the country after whiskey and the overall spirit industry is around $50 billion in India, she added. Vodka makes about a million cases per annum.

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