People in Telangana seemed to be on high spirits on Dasara festival by partying together during the family gatherings. As the state is witnessing a steady decline in the coronavirus cases, people in the state did not step back to visit the family members on Dasara and this in turn enhanced the sale of liquor in the past few days.

The holiday has seen a sharp rise in sale of liquor in a single day i.e. on October 15. It is estimated that over Rs 150 crore worth liquor was sold out across the state on Dasara. The excise department said that beer sales have been increased 53 per cent in the last few days. The sales are expected to be increased further as the festival is followed by the weekend.

The sales of liquor is booming in the last one year and pandemic further increased the demand. According to a report, the liquor sale was higher in May 2021 during the lockdown than last Dasara season which is considered as the peak month for the liquor sale.

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