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Key Highlights

    • Anyone seeking P10 licence can submit application seven days before the function.
    • A P10 licence holder can buy liquor from six vends.
    • The relaxation will remain in effect till November 30.

New Delhi: Relaxing the rules governing the filing of applications for P10 licence to procure liquor for functions and parties, the Delhi government has permitted P10 licence seekers to submit their applications seven days before the event. Earlier, anybody seeking a P10 licence had to submit the application two days prior to the event.

As per rules, the P-10 licence is required for serving liquor in any party, marriage and other such functions inside specified venues, including banquet halls, farmhouses and motels, in the national capital. Earlier, applications for P10 licence procurement were to be filed two days prior to the function and the applicant was authorized to buy Indian and foreign liquor from three vends. However, the eased norms allow planners to seek the permit seven days before the function. Furthermore, the relaxed rules also give liberty to planners to buy liquor from six vends. The relaxations will remain in effect till November 30, according to a report by The Times of India.

The P10 licence application norms have been relaxed to provide convenience to event planners. Also, many people are expected to be beneficiaries of the relaxed norms as the move comes ahead of the festive season. It may be noted that no licence is needed by a person for servicing alcohol to his family members and guests at his residence given the liquor served is within the legal possession limit of nine litres.

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Meanwhile, the Delhi High Court, on Friday, asked the Delhi Government and Department of Health and Family Welfare to reconsider its order banning the usage of herbal hookah in public places in restaurants, eating houses, and bars, in order to curb the spread of Coronavirus infection. The HC has given two days’ time to the executive in this regard.


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