New Delhi, Sep 11 (PTI) The new licences for the retail sale of liquor by private vendors will come into operation from November 17 marking the exit of the Delhi government from the business, officials said on Saturday.


Under the new Excise Policy of the Delhi government, there will be bigger liquor vends in the city with people having the facility to walk in and choose their preferred brands of alcohol as the new retail licence holders start running the trade.

So far, Delhi government agencies ran nearly 60 per cent of the 850 retail liquor shops in the city. Under the new policy, the government has already selected private firms for the retail sale of liquor in 20 of the total 32 zones into which the whole city has been divided.

The financial bids for the remaining 12 zones are expected to open next week, a senior Excise officer said.

“The Government of NCT of Delhi has approved the new Excise Policy 2021-22, which is being implemented and the new retail licenses are scheduled to start from November 17, 2021,” stated an order issued by the Excise department on Friday.

All government liquor vends in form of L-6/L-6FG/L-6FE will continue to operate beyond November 16 — one day prior to the scheduled date of commencement of business for new licenses granted in form of L-7Z — subject to payment of proportionate license fee, stated the order.

“This will ensure that the supply of liquor is maintained in Delhi during the transition period,” it said.

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In order to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted supply of authorised liquor in Delhi, the licences were extended up to September 30 by an order in June.

Also, all HCR licences for service of liquor on-premises (L-11, L-15, L-16, L-17, L-18, L-19, L-20, L-28, L-29) will continue to remain in vogue till November 16. Similarly, all government country liquor vends holding licenses in form of L-14 (beer license) will continue to operate till November 16.

All wholesale licences- L-1/L-1F and L-2 (draught beer) will continue to operate till November 16.11.2021 subject to payment of license fee under Rule 34 of the Delhi Excise Rules, 2010, said the order.

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