Kolhapur: Operation Parivartan, started by the Solapur rural police for rehabilitation of people involved in operation of illegal liquor dens, has started showing positive results.
A 19-year-old youth from a hamlet in Mulegaon Tanda destroyed the illicit liquor den that was run and operated by him and his father for several years.
The youth told the police that he does not want any case against him. His father has multiple cases against him for running illicit liquor den. His father is admitted to a hospital for cancer treatment and the youth, along with his mother, had continued the illegal business. After learning that the police are going to crack down on illicit liquor dens and had assured of rehabilitation of those who wanted a way out, the youth himself took a decision to destroy the den.
Solapur rural’s superintendent of police Tejaswi Satpute launched the first one-of-its-kind Operation Parivartan, not only to completely eradicate the illegal dens, but also to rehabilitate and provide relief to those involved in it.
“The youth who destroyed the illegal illicit liquor den had family troubles related to farms owned by his father and therefore they had to take up the illegal business. Also his father is a cancer patient and the family requires money for his treatment. We have assured the youth and his mother that we will resolve the dispute regarding farmland and also ensure the family gets financial support to continue the treatment. We found many such grievances of those who run such liquor dens. We found children, women and elderly people engaged in this business. Through the initiative we are going to bring them out of the illegal business,” Satpute said.
A survey was carried out to find the hotspot villages where these dens are operated in large number. There are 71 such hotspots where action was taken previously, but the dens came up again after few days.

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The above news was originally posted on timesofindia.indiatimes.com


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