GUWAHATI: The first phase of online sale of liquor in Assam has been limited to the Guwahati Municipal Corporation area and it has come into force with immediate effect, the state excise department said on Friday. It will be extended to other parts of the state gradually.
A notification issued by the excise department stated that the step has been taken due to the Covid-induced restrictions imposed by the government as well as the Supreme Court and the Madras High Court permitting non-direct sale, including online home delivery of liquor, to avoid overcrowding.
“The online sale of all Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL)/beer/country spirit in retail ‘OFF’ shops in the Guwahati Municipal Corporation areas has been introduced,” a government statement said on Friday. There are 306 IMFL OFF shops in Guwahati.
States like West Bengal, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala and Punjab have already introduced online sale and home delivery of liquor.
“In view of the pandemic, the circumstances (that) exist, which render it necessary to permit online sale of liquor which shall also curb consumption of illicit liquor,” the statement said.
Permission for online sale through the app only will be granted provided the Indian Made Foreign Liquor/beer/country spirit retail ‘OFF’ retailers possess valid licences.
AMTRON has been authorized by the state excise department to provide an online platform for this purpose which will help to meet the limited requirements of users in view of the prevailing Covid-19 situation in Assam.
Amtron director Mahendra Kumar Yadava said the name of the app is OnliBar and it is in the developing stage. “One can go to the portal and give suggestions for improvement,” Yadava said.
The eligible retailers will have to register themselves on the app by furnishing a copy of a valid license, location of the premises, list of delivery agents with name, address, phone number, photographs and other details. The delivery agent should not be less than 21 years of age. Each retailer can engage a maximum of 10 delivery agents.
The customer will have to register on the online portal furnishing proof of age and address. The eligible customer can order online up to three litres of liquor.
Online home delivery will be between 11.00 am and 10.00 pm.

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