New Delhi: Three distilleries in the Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh have produced 6.73 crore litres of ethanol in 2020-21, according to an official. The central government has set a target for achieving 20 per cent ethanol-blending with petrol by 2023 to help reduce India’s dependence on costly oil imports.District Excise Officer, Muzaffarnagar, Uday Prakash said three distilleries have produced 6.73 crore litres of ethanol in the district during 2020-21.

Triveni Alco produced 4.30 crore litre ethanol, while the output for Tikaula Sugar Mills and Mansurpur Distillery was 1.12 crore litre and 1.31 crore litre, respectively, he added.

These units have the capacity to produce 10.97 crore litres of ethanol in a year, Prakash said.

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