Lost Spirits Distillery Announces today it has obtained additional IP Protection with a Newly Issued Indian Patent for laboratory “Aging” Distilled Spirits

The world’s most innovative distillery, Lost Spirits announces the Indian patent office has granted Patent Application No. 370807. Alcohol consumption in 2020 in India has been estimated at 6.5 billion liters as found here. The company now holds a growing portfolio of international patents protecting the company’s maturation technology. Lost Spirits has been granted US patents and international protection in China, Australia, Japan, Israel and now India.

The company has additional patent applications pending throughout the world.

In 2015 Lost Spirits was the first and only company to successfully mature distilled spirits in a laboratory. The test rum was shown to have nearly identical chemical profile to rum aged for over 20 years in a barrel. In 2018, whiskies made using the technology were named the 2019 World Whisky of the year in the Wizards of Whisky competition run by Dominic Roskrow and were named “Liquid Gold” in Jim Murray’s whisky bible representing two of the world’s most influential whisky critics. 

The technology works using photocatalysis and photodegradation of naturally occurring wood polymers, combined with heat driven esterification to replicate the chemical signatures and taste profiles found in the world’s greatest distilled spirits. 

To learn more about Lost Spirits visit www.lostspirits.net.

About Lost Spirits

Lost Spirits Distillery Inc, is a celebrated distillery principally engaged in the research, design, and development of advanced culinary experiences within distilled spirits. 

SOURCE Lost Spirits


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