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After the well-known brands Bunty and Bubly have risen to become market leaders in the country’s liquor segment, the company is now ready to enter IMFL with its new start with Amazing Vodka and Single Reserva Whiskey. 


Because chemicals are the cornerstone of India Glycols Ltd. The company has held undisputed leadership positions in certain segments for two decades. And since alcohol is a by-product of the chemical refining process, it made sense to get into this business.

While the national liquor industry, with its popular Bunty and Bubly brands, has become the backbone of the liquor division selling under 50% per month compared to the next best-selling brands, the company will soon launch its first 2 products in the Vodka and semi-premium whiskey categories. , excellent vodka and whiskey with one spare.

President of India Glycols Limited (IGL) Mr US Bhartia believes that the IMFL department should also be trained, especially after the success of alcohol in the country. This opinion is also reflected by Rupark Sarswat, CEO of India Glycols Ltd. “The logical step for us when we started researching the consumer market was to look at domestic alcoholic beverages and then look at much more intense market areas like the IMFL. We want to participate in the market, continue to receive feedback, but make sure that we build our business slowly, steadily and steadily. “

Consumers who continue to strive for upgrades and premiums are the focus of IGL, Vodka will initially appear in three variants of Amazing Plain Vodka, Amazing Green Apple Vodka and Amazing Orange Vodka, while Single Reserva Whiskey is a semi-category with a unique combination and one uniqueness. offer,’ said Raju Vazirani, Advisor – President, IMFL for India Glycols Ltd.

Although vodka production grew gradually, the decision to enter the vodka market came from consumers turning to tastes, Vaziraney added. “We would love to know that the vodka market is 60% flavored and 40% plain and consumers want to tease. Flavor is the future of the vodka market and will stimulate vodka growth.”

Although the exact price of vodka is unknown, it is expected to fall into the popular category where it will rival the most popular brands in terms of market share in this segment. The interesting thing about vodka, however, is that it’s a five times distilled liquid which IGL says gives consumers a very smooth, silky taste.

As for the Single Reserve Whiskey, it will be a unique offering estimated at under Rs 1000 depending on the country you are in. The whiskey is blended with Indian single malt, which makes it a unique offering. This is a new concept of blending with Indian single malt, which after extensive research blends with famous blenders & nbsp; Peter J. Warren.


IGL is currently planning to concentrate on these two brands and gradually expand its portfolio after the success of these brands. “We will not take shortcuts to success, invest more money, increase volume and store. We want consumers to be happy,” Vazirani added.

The IMFL brand is manufactured at the company’s facility in Gorakhpur. S. K. Shukla, Operations & amp; The managing director said: “I was at the Gorakhpur factory, where we started our IMFL journey last May 2020. Apart from this global pandemic, the performance so far has been excellent and we hope that these new products, Single Reserva Whiskey and Amazing Vodka, will be a great success in the future.”

BP Singhal, Engineering for Public Procurement and Projects, IGL added that we have selected the best packaging material, bottle design, which can create buzz in the market especially for vodka. We want to attract young people because vodka is usually consumed by young people. With these factors in mind, we selected bottles and packaging for both products.


As the total vodka market is estimated to be around 6 million cases, IGL is targeting a 15% market share in the vodka segment. A success that TP Sharma, Head of Sales (HOD), IGL will confidently repeat after releasing the Bunty Vodka Green Apple Flavor Tetra Pack at UP, which has forced a market share of 42% in six months.

Both UP and Uttarakhand products will hit the market in the initial four to five months with Delhi and several other countries as next options. By Christmas time, IGL aims to make its products available in more countries. Amazing Vodka and Single Reserva Whiskey are sold through retail channels, with IGL researching ATL and digital activity to promote them.

Shriharsha Bandaluppi, EA (Executive Assistant) at CMD and General Strategy Manager, said: “We will work hard using social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. We also identify important influencing factors, new age trends, etc.