The excise department of the city government has started the process for the allotment of zonal licences for the retail sale of Indian and foreign liquor.

The move comes as part of Delhi government’s liquor sector reforms in accordance with the Delhi Excise Policy 2021.

The department has floated tenders for all the 32 zones on Monday. According to the tender documents, the bids will open on July 22.

The new excise policy divides Delhi into 32 zones, including the airport, NDMC and Delhi Cantonment zones, for the allotment of L-7Z and L-7V licences for the retail sale of Indian and foreign liquor (except country liquor) in the city.

The e-tenders for all the 32 zones have been uploaded on the official website of the Delhi government.

The annual reserve licence fee for 30 zones is between Rs 220-228 crore per zone, while it is Rs 217 crore for the NDMC and the Delhi Cantonment Board area, and Rs 105 crore for the airport zone.

The earnest money deposit for the bidders for a single zone will be Rs 30 crore and Rs 60 crore for two zones, read the tender documents.

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